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Founded in 2008 by lead developer Andrew Zelt as a Web Design service, e Market Designs now does a full spectrum of web system specialties including SEO, Social Media, Consultation and Ghost Writing in addition to Web Design. Andrew started in 1999 at California Computer Schools as a student learning HTML and Photoshop. For all of us that have lived through it all the World Wide Web has grown more than any of us thought and it’s not slowing down. AI technology will change the world even more and we can only imagine how. Before Web Design School Andrew was a retail sales manager for many years in Southern California and brings a unique perspective to the table regarding how businesses can make their websites produce. Most every new client says the same thing. We have a website and once in a while someone mentions it. We have a contact form on our website but no one uses it. If that’s the case for your website and contact form usage let us show you how to get your website working properly. At e Market Designs we pride ourselves on making websites work for businesses. We offer a Free one time consultation to help you understand what we can do for you and how the process works. Visit our contact page here to GET STARTED.

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