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Is anybody out there?

Is my company connecting to Social Media? If you do not know the answer to that question you need to find out. Social Media is not only a great way to connect to new and old clients, it has also become a gauge for search engines to track the credibility of your current business success. What that means is that search engines can put a lot of weight into your overall ranking by whether or not you are socially active on line. At e Market Designs we include Social Media help and coSocial Media Picnsultation at no additional charge. Give us a call and let us show you how to start connecting today.

Many ways to connect

   Social Media Connections have become a very important part of business in today’s world and the hard part is keeping up on all the different networking sites. We want to share some great Social Networking Apps like Tweet Deck that make life a lot easier. Watch the Video and this will all make sense. We can also set up your website to make it easy for you to post to all of your social media sites, and make it convenient to let any of your visitors to share anything they find interesting, posting it on their social media sites!


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